Chris Scoville


Place of birth:  Glens Falls, New York
Born: 1978
Town/City of residence: Kinderhook
Martial status + family members:  Married, two daughters
Profession: Attorney
Years running: 8
Top running accolades:  BQ’d
List of PR’s 5k: 18:34 10k: 39:11 Half-marathon: 1:28 Full-marathon: 3:04
Favorite distance/style: Long, road
Favorite race: VT City Marathon
Favorite shoe brand/style for training: Nike
Favorite place to train: country roads


Drink of choice: Tea, Coffee, Craft Beer
Favorite band: Bruce Springsteen, Pogues, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash…
Favorite movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Favorite food: Tacos
Hobby/past-times: Crossword puzzles
Guilty pleasure (embarrassed to say): Snacks, lots of snacks
Hidden talents: I am exceptionally adept at judging the correct Tupperware container size for leftovers