John Deer


Place of birth: Cooperstown, NY
Age: 35
Town/City of residence: Slingerlands
Martial status + family members: Wife Kari, daughter Olivia and son Jack
Profession: Social Studies Teacher
Years running: 23
Top running accolades: Captain of College Cross Country Team
List of PR’s: Sub 60 Stockadeathon
Favorite distance/style: 15K
Favorite race: Boilermaker
Favorite shoe brand/style for training: New Balance
Favorite place to train: Long runs out towards Clarksville


Drink of choice: Just about anything by Ommegang, Pumpkin Beer in the fall
Favorite band: Dave Matthews Band
Favorite movie: Young Frankenstein
Favorite food: Pizza
Hobby/past-times: Hiking, Video Games
Guilty pleasure (embarrassed to say): Quoting the entire movie “Big Trouble in Little China” as I watch it. If whomever I am watching it says stop, I reply “You leave Jack Burton alone!” and continue.
Hidden talents: I am a really good cook