Mike Austin


Place of birth:  Oneonta, NY
Born: 11/1981 
Town/City of residence: Delmar
Martial status + family members (if applicable):  Married (Rachael)
Profession: Business Manager (RPI)
Years running: 8
Top running accolades:  4 ultra race wins and 4 other ultra podiums.  
List of PR’s: 5k 17:21, 10K 37:24, 13.1 1:21:57, 26.2 3:02:08, 50K 3:48:58, 50 miles 6hr 35min 48sec, 100 miles 18hr 19 min 6 sec.
Favorite distance/style: 50 mile distance and trails
Favorite race: Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival
Favorite shoe brand/style for training:Altra
Favorite place to train: Thacher park area, mostly on roads because of the big climbs


Drink of choice: Miller Lite
Favorite band: Mumford and Sons
Favorite movie: Braveheart
Favorite food: sushi
Hobby/past-times: running 
Guilty pleasure: cadbury mini eggs