Tim Pendergast

Place of birth:  Niagara Falls, NY
Age: 37
Town/City of residence: Delmar
Martial status + family members: married, boy 6,  girl 4
Profession: math teacher
Years running: 12
List of PR’s: 5k 17:37; Half 1:31, Marathon 3:07; 50k 4:46; 50 mile 8:33
HS/College: Niagara Falls High School, SUNY Fredonia
Post-College: St. Rose
Favorite distance/style: road marathon 
Favorite race: buffalo marathon
Favorite shoe brand/style for training: Altra
Favorite place to train: the gorge beneath Niagara Falls
Drink of choice: IPA
Favorite band: the band that did the song that helps get me through the last miles of a tough race
Favorite movie: Rocky
Favorite food: burritos
Hobby/past-times: running?
Guilty pleasure: “Saved by the Bell” re-runs, although I am in not embarrassed to say, so I guess it’s just a pleasure.
Hidden talents: folding fitted bed sheets